Does your heart sink when you check your Xero account and see a huge pile of transactions to reconcile?  It’s OK not to want to grapple with the complexities of your business finances. The simple solution is to hire your own bookkeeping expert.

Hi, I’m Kate, and I love Xero. I love the simple dashboard where you can see immediately what needs to be reconciled and how many invoices are outstanding for payment. The automated bank feed means income and expenses arrive in Xero effortlessly, just waiting to be matched to invoices and payments. When we don’t have to put hours into data entry, there’s time to focus on reporting and understanding what’s going on in the business so it can develop and achieve more.

But I also know that many business owners don’t jump for joy when managing accounts. Do you need someone else to take care of the day-to-day record keeping so you can get on with running the business?

‘We have worked with Kate for several years, and the service from Kingston Bookkeeping surpasses any accounting service we have ever received in over 20 years of business. She is professional, pragmatic and able to understand our specific business needs allowing us to focus on running the company safely in the knowledge that our accounting is up-to-date and compliant. Thank you so much, Kate. ‘

Elinor, Degree Art.

 Your Xero expert is just a phone call away

If you are:

1. Too busy to keep on top of your receipts and invoices

2.Worried about making a mistake and getting your tax calculations wrong or

3.Just not interested in handling the day-today data entry

…you are my ideal client.

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You might be quite disciplined about entering your transactions and reconciling your bank accounts, but sometimes the little things can trip you up and suck up so much time. Perhaps you could benefit from some Xero training and an expert on hand to ask all those niggly little questions?

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Get an ICB (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers) qualified professional with over 13 years of experience managing client bookkeeping – know your business finances are safe with us.

But more than that, work with us, and you will get more accurate, timely and relevant information to help you run your business more profitably.

Want to make financial woes a thing of the past?

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