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Hi! I'm Kate Powell, owner and founder of Kingston Bookkeeping.


I've always been a problem solver, even from my first job working in a newsagent at 15 when I fixed their computerised newspaper delivery system that no one else had the patience to work out. There's nothing like a good problem to solve!


Since leaving university, I've worked in various businesses and organisations, from the NHS to retail, financial asset management, and holiday companies. These jobs have shared 1 theme: I always seem to come back to data and IT. Whether that meant providing meaningful reports, checking data quality or data security, and that the people who needed it across the business could get to it quickly and easily.

I loved my job working in the city, but my family, with my two young sons, needed me around. My mum was a bookkeeper when I was younger, so I knew I could work from home around my family doing this job. The shift from working in IT to dealing with accounts was easy. Both are very logical and suit my geeky side, wanting to improve my processes and continually make everything more efficient.

Since qualifying with the ICB in 2008, my business has grown from working around 10 hours a week full time. I built my business around my family and my hours have increased as the children have got older.


Until 2023, I always worked independently, and now I have a team that can support our growing client base.

“I want to make a noticeable difference to people and have a direct impact on how their businesses work.  I love helping others understand their business finances so they can make more money and be more profitable.”

Kate Powell

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