Are Xero issues taking up too much time?

Bookkeeping might not be top of your list of the most fun activities ever, but so far, you are keeping on top of it. However, sometimes you face bookkeeping issues that suck up your valuable time.

Occasionally something happens, and you can’t figure out how to reconcile a transaction, where to code something correctly for tax purposes or how to get the report you need to show the correct figures.

That’s when it would be great to have an expert to turn to who can answer your questions or do a quick fix if you’ve made a mistake and you aren’t sure how to sort it out.

My fast Xero bookkeeping support service is your expert in your pocket when needed.

Xero issues fixed FAST

You’ll get unlimited access to my Xero knowledge base, aka my brain, for a small monthly fee.

This package includes everything you need to manage your niggly Xero problems without the expense of a full-time bookkeeper.

✅ Quarterly (or even monthly) online session to discuss Xero issues

✅ Training on topics relevant to your business

✅ Unlimited WhatsApp and Email support

The complete package starts from £60 per month excl VAT

This service is perfect for small businesses that don’t have many transactions but require a bit of help here and there. When you start to grow, you can switch to the done-for-you option. If you aren’t sure if this package would suit you, take a trial for one month and then decide – there’s no obligation after the trial month.

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Or if you think that you prefer to outsource it all, then I can do that too.