Get your small business accounts online with Xero fuss

Hey, can I see a shoebox of receipts in the corner of your office?

Are you saving up a bucketful of stress for year-end when you have to scrabble around with umpteen scraps of paper or a hastily cobbled-together spreadsheet to try and figure out how much tax you owe?

Wouldn’t it be great to get your small business accounts online and have all the information input each month to see how your finances look as you go it alone?

Get a bookkeeper, and all your pain will vanish.

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Your small business can get accounts online in a matter of hours

A bookkeeper is for life, not just for tax year-end, so why not get me on your team today and make those January stresses disappear?

My done-for-you service includes:

✅ Publishing your receipts to Xero or Freeagent, and you can ditch the paper copies

✅ Monthly invoicing – get paid faster

✅ Monthly bank reconciliation – no annoying mismatches

✅ Aged debtors report – know what’s owed to you

✅ Aged creditors report – know what you owe others

✅ Profit and loss report – know how you are doing overall

Bring your business accounts into the 21st century

When you put your small business accounts online, a new world of information becomes readily available. Information that can help you make decisions which positively affect your business success.

You’ll know which clients are paying on time and which don’t

You’ll know which suppliers are increasing their prices so you can re-negotiate.

You’ll know where you’re overspending and where you may not be investing enough.

You’ll know how much of your money is tied up in raw materials, work-in-progress or stock, which can hurt your cash flow.

When you implement online accounting in your business, you’re no longer in the dark when making important decisions.

And one of the best things is accessing your financial data from anywhere in the world, any time of day or night.

Can you afford not to put your small business accounts online?

Call me for a free, no-obligation chat to open up a world of possibilities for your business today.

Maybe you are happy doing your own bookkeeping most of the time but could do with someone to answer your questions – my bookkeeping support service could be perfect for you.

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